Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day #21,939

Walk km 9627-9635: Meetup walk - Commercial/Broadway to Waterfront

Meetup walkers in an alley
approx km 9631 behind George Street

Movie #1925: The Milk Of Sorrow (2009, Claudia LLosa)

Legend has it that a woman who is raped while pregnant will pass on the pain and horror of the act to her child. The main character in this movie is one such person. She mopes about for the longest time. You hope that she will throw of this yoke and rise above it all. Nope. Another character with no gumption who sinks under the weight of living her life.
Another thing: the lead actress is gorgeous. The rest of the cast consists of people with "normal" looks. I assume she was cast to elicit extra sympathy.


  1. This alley looks familiar. Didn't you post a different picture a while back of this alley with someone coming out of the door?

    1. Could be. This alley is a favourite of mine so I've walked by it quite often.