Monday, June 4, 2012

Day #22,083

Walk km 10,946-10,949: down Fremont
Blue Angel Motel
approx km 10,938 Fremont Street

Walk km 10,949-10,952: down the strip
Liming in front of Monte Carlo
approx km 10,951 "The Strip"

Movie #2058: Neanderthal Man (1953, Ewald Andre Dupont)

Well, so much for the auteur theory. Yesterday I watched the wonderful "The Scarf". Today's movie is by the same director but it stinks. The reason: Mr Dupont wrote the screenplay for The Scarf but here he's just behind the camera.
This is the usual mad scientist flic with cats being turned into non-saber-toothed saber-toothed tigers (the budget would only allow the filming of regular tigers but the cast used their imaginations to see the extra large teeth). Then the mad scientist experimented with himself causing the title character to appear with predictable results.  

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