Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day #22,095

Walk km 11,028-11,031: Vegas Valley to Flamingo
Walk km 11,031-11,037: home from the Venetian 
fake Venice canals
approx km 11,032 Las Vegas "Strip"

Movie #2073: The Wife (1995, Tom Noonan)

The feel-good movie of the year. Four totally screwed up people get together to chat (of the baring your soul type) for 101 minutes. These people are so screwy that the audience can't help but feel better about themselves.

Movie #2074: Saint John of Las Vegas (2009, Hue Rhodes)

This one reminds me of Repo Man. These two aren't repossessing cars but instead are checking out an insurance claim involving totaled cars. One is the old veteran and the other is the raw rookie. They visit strip clubs, truck stops, scrap yards and of course, Las Vegas.
Not as good as Repo Man but in the same league.

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