Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fay #22,082

Movie #2056: Strange Intruder (1956, Irving Rapper)

Uninspired melodrama of a dying soldier asking his buddy to kill his kids because his wife has been fooling around back home.
Turns out his buddy is just as weird as he is so off he goes. There's never any doubt that the children will be spared (the nut case is a nice guy) so that no tension is built at all.

Movie #2057: The Scarf (1951, Ewald Andre Dupont)

Who knew? I'd never heard of Ewald Andre Dupont before. This is one of the greats. Only the fairly ordinary denouement brings it down one peg from brilliant. Seems Mr Dupont was a veteran director from the silent days.
This movie reminds me of Russ Meyer's "Mudhoney" and "Lorna". I'm guessing that Russ saw this movie before beginning his career.

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