Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day #22,089

Walk km 10,992-11,002: to Boulder Highway @ Sunset

Only 5 more months til election day
approx km 11,002 Boulder Highway @ Sunset

Movie #2066: La Chamade (1968, Alain Cavalier)

Quality production concerning Catherine Deneuve who wants to be a "kept woman" because she's enjoys doing nothing. She is torn between the man she loves (who only has modest means) and the one who loves her (a sugar daddy). After a full movie of pondering, she goes with the guy she doesn't love - being lazy trumps romance. Good choice. However, this movie is a little on the tedious side so your choice should be to skip this one.

Movie #2067: It Rains In My Village (1969, Alexandar Petrovic)

Nothing great but it certainly is different. Village life in Serbia (then Yugoslavia) in which all the villagers are shown to be various degrees of idiotic. Atmosphere is provided by a roving band of musicians who break into song with every turn of the plot. 

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