Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day #22,099

Walk km 11,047-11,050: pre and post tournament walk
Walk km 11,050-11,055: Sombrero, Burnham and Del Mar streets
parked truck
approx km 11,053 Burnham Street

Movie #2079: Sleep My Love (Douglas Sirk, 1948)
The new model (that the husband is going to trade up to)

This one doesn't quite click. It's a drive your wealthy wife crazy so you can inherit the money plot. And they let on right away that it's the husband. So, instead of "is she really crazy?", we have to ask "how can he be stopped?".
Since this is Hollywood, you know he will be stopped and also they give away who will stop him. So, there's not much suspense 

Movie #2080: Together (2000, Lukus Moodysson)

At first, this one looked familiar. Then, I realized I had seen it before but I kept watching anyway.
The story concerns a great number of people who are all screwed up. The kids not so much but the adults are definitely idiots. It's all very sad because you know that living with these idiots will surely cause the children to grow up just as warped.
Then there's the ending.

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