Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day #22,102

Walk km 11,066-11,070: to the Target store
Walk km 11,070-11,077: Maryland @ Flamingo to Tropicana @ Duke Ellington + a bit more

Movie #2082: Please Remove Your Shoes (2010, Rob DelGaudio)
Documentary about the new airport security in the U.S.. They don't like it.
One item: they complain about the new government agency hiring staff from the old (pre 9-11) agency but also complain that the guy from the new agency that was called to Congress to testify didn't have any airport security experience prior to being hired.

Movie #2083: What Happened Was..... (1994, Tom Noonan)

Well, what happened was...... this secretary invites this guy from the office over to her place for Friday night dinner. She's kinda nervous and it turns out he's kinda goofy. And then what happened was......
Superb movie. It's all just yak yak yak but that's OK - these characters are unforgettable.

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