Friday, June 15, 2012

Day #22,094

Walk km 11,024-11,028: pre-tournament walking

Movie #2071: Magic Town (1947, William Wellman)

Third strike and the auteur theory is dead. Someone at IMDB pointed out that this movie is Riskin without Capra just as "It's A Wonderful Life" is Capra without Riskin. That person goes on to say that "It's A Wonderful Life" is a much better movie. Poppycock! "It's A Wonderful Life" is fair to middlin' at best. This movie is the real thing. It really looks like it's the screenplay and not the director that makes the movie - at least for me. We saw the same thing yesterday: Robert Ellis Miller makes a great movie from a Carson McCuller's novel and then falls right on his face when he uses "an idea by Barry Gibb".
This movie sure is sappy. The plot doesn't really make any sense either. But that's OK - it's the spirit of the thing that counts. There's plenty of spirit and Jimmy Stewart is perfect at this sort of thing.

Movie #2072: The Six Degrees Of Helter Skelter (2009, Michael Dorsey)

I remember reading Ed Sanders book "The Family" in the early 70s. This movie is more an entertainment than a serious documentary. As you can deduce by the title, namedropping abounds. I have to admit that I found it entertaining as well. Shame on me. 

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