Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day #22,093

Movie #2069: Hawks (1988, Robert Ellis Miller)
Another strike against the auteur theory. I watched this because Mr Miller directed the wonderful "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter". However, this isn't Carson McCullers. The first clue that this movie might be in trouble was in the opening credits: "based on an idea by Barry Gibb". Two terminally ill guys leave the hospital to enjoy themselves. Their first stop: a snooty disco that doesn't want them to come in. Their second stop: a snooty restaurant where people look down their noses at them. It's strictly soap opera level with an ending you can see coming miles away. Avoid at all cost.

Movie #2070: Bartleby (2001, Jonathan Parker)

I was almost beginning to lose faith in Netflix - but here's a good one.
A new employee stopping taking orders from his boss. Then he refuses to leave the building at night. Then he refuses to be fired.....
Obviously based on a story by Franz Kafka. What? No? Based on a story by Herman Melville! The Moby Dick guy? Yup!  And they got the A#1 Hollywood wacko to play Bartleby: Crispin Glover.

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