Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day #22,084

Walk km 10,952-10,957: Chinatown to Flamingo
Walk km 10,957-10,960: to Bonneville Transit Station & downtown
statue in Chinatown
approx km 10,953 Spring Mountain Road

Movie #2059: Appointment With Danger (1951, Lewis Allen)
Run-of-the-mill heroic government worker (postal inspector) flic.

Movie #2060: Highway Dragnet (1954, Nathan Juran)

Everything I like in a movie..... and less. Plot concerns a fellow falsely accused of murdering a woman in Las Vegas. The film becomes a chase across the desert from LV to LA. A great premise but the execution is not so hot. The cast is fine but the screenplay and dialogue leaves something to be desired. Turns out this was one of Roger Corman's very first films............ as writer (not his strong suit).

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