Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day #22,105

Walk km 11,094-11,096: bus stop to/from Paradise Buffet
The Golden Nugget
approx km 11,095 Fremont Street

Movie #2085: Show Me Love (1998, Lukus Moodysson)

It's kinda the same thing as Moodysson's "Together" except that now the idiot Swedes are the teenagers. It doesn't really ring true because I found it hard to believe the character of Elin who turned from superbrat to a caring loving teen in under 90 minutes. Also the girl who had no friends was miscast - she was way too good looking to have no friends.
However, I enjoyed it all because I knew Moodysson was going to come up with a big uplifting happy ending. He didn't disappoint.

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