Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day #21,503

Walk km 3172-3178: Smithe/Hornby/Nelson/Granville/Davie/(skytrain)/King Edward/Osler/Crescent/Tecumseh/16th/Richelieu/17th/Cambie/(sktrain)/Georgia/Howe/Robson/Burrard

people exercising
aprox km 3178 Howe @ Robson

Book #261: The Demon Of Dakar (2005, Kjell Eriksson)

Maybe it's just me but Mr Eriksson's habit of telling a story from the point-of-view of so many different characters dissipates the tension that he is trying to build from his plots. If he would just focus on one or two characters to be the reader's window into the plot he could build a much more compelling storyline. He certainly has the writing skills to do this.
Also, don't they have proof-readers at St Martin's Press? Why so many typos?

Movie #1120: The Gay Sisters (1942, Irving Rapper)

piffle, light & breezy piffle.

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