Friday, November 20, 2009

Day #21,520

Walk km 3277-3285: Robson/Howe/Georgia/(skytrain)/Cambie/39th/Willow/38th/Oak/41st/Osler/40th/Hudson/38th/Granville/Connaught/37th/Margeurite/38th/Angus/39th/Maple/41st/W Blvd/40th/Yew/39th/Dunbar/(bus+skytrain)/Georgia/Howe/Robson/Burrard

Welcome To Kerrisdale sign
aprox km 3281 41st between E Blvd & W Blvd

painting in a window
aprox km 3281 41st @ Maple

Diet: -2 (48 pounds to go) holding steady

Movie #1138: The Landlord (1970, Hal Ashby)

I moved to the big city in 1970 and I went to see almost every movie that came to town (the exception would be those 3 for $1 shows up on Main Steet - but I saw a bunch of those too). Around that time there were an awful lot of movies just like The Landlord. Off-kilter Hollywood fare aimed at the new adults who grew up during the summer of love. The only difference between all of those and this one is that (as I remember it) they all starred Elliott Gould.

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