Monday, November 16, 2009

Day #21,516

Walk km 3245-3247: To HoHo's Yummy Food and return
Walk km 3247-3253: Smithe/Beatty/Nelson/Cambie Bridge/6th/Charleson/Lamey's Mill/6th/Granville/Howe/Smithe

boats in the harbour
aprox km 3251 between the seawalk & Granville Island

Diet: 0 (50 pounds left) Holding steady!

Movie #1131:
Minstrel Man(1944, Joseph H Lewis)

This is the 2nd of the 50 Millcreek musicals. Picked this one because Gladys George was in it. It turns out that this is a PRC (Producer's Releasing Corporation) skid row production directed by non other than the fabulous Joseph H Lewis. But, it's still a musical and this music sucks.

Movie #1132:
Mr & Mrs Smith(1941, Alfred Hitchcock)

Hmmmm..... an Alfred Hitchcock movie but not a single dead body in sight. Very peculiar. Robert Montgomery and Carole Lombard are both quite charming in this light and breezy comedy. But not a single murder....... how odd.

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