Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day #21,528

Walk km 3353-3355: Robson/Nicola/Nelson/Bidwell/Davie
Walk km 3355-3358: out to eat & to the library

central library
aprox km 3356 Homer Street

Diet: -3 1/2 (46 1/2 to go) only a short walk this morning

Book #263: Prosecution Of George W Bush For Murder(2008,Vincent Bugliosi)

Well, I hate mass-murderer George Bush just as much as the next guy but this Bugliosi guy just ain't much of a writer. First off, he repeats himself endlessly - this could have easily been compressed down to half as many pages without losing any information. And nobody likes a fellow who toots his own horn - there's a lot of tooting going on here.
Information error: it wasn't just Americans who died on 9/11. There were citizens of many different nations in the World Trade Center that day.
Moral problem: he commends the American military early in the book even when quotes he furnishes show that these soldiers went to war to earn money. Killing people for a monetary reward in not morally correct. Also, once it was confirmed that George Bush had lied and there was no reason to be fighting the Iraqis, the armed forces should have dropped their weapons and apologized for what they had done. To continue killing Iraqis after you know that the only reason to do it is because George Bush wants you to is morally wrong.
There is an interesting fact in this book: 90% of the miltary still believed that Iraq was connected to 9/11 even after the news came out that George Bush was lying. Are military personnel that stupid or is news censored in the U.S. armed forces? Mr Bugliosi doesn't say.
Later in the book Mr Bugliosi turns against some of the armed forces (the ones who said that killing Iraqis was fun). For reasons why all U.S. armed forces should be condemned, please see "Universal Soldier" by Buffy Ste-Marie.

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