Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day #21,514

Walk km 3235-3241: McDonald/17th/Trafulgar/16th/Granville/Balfour/22nd/Cambie/(skytrain)/Georgia/Howe/Robson

a house
aprox km 3237 Balfour Ave

Movie #1128: Reet Petite And Gone(1947, William Forest Crouch)

I don't like musicals but maybe I just need to watch crappier musicals so that they match my taste in music. So, I bought a 50 pack of musicals from Millcreek. First up is Louis Jordan in Reet Petite And Gone. It's the usual crappy plot that's just there to lead from one song to another - so why do they bother with a plot in musicals at all? I have no idea.
The music here is definately a plus as Louis Jordan is a lot of fun. There isn't any "Saturday Night Fish Fry" but there aren't any clunkers either. Interesting to see a scene where the leading lady is sitting around in her skimpies. This is 1947. What gives? I assume that Hollywood was willing to look the other way since only coloured folk would be seeing this movie. And who was that woman on the piano that Louis sings too? That woman shoulda had the female lead. The actual lead didn't actually do anything - who's relative was she?

Movie #1129: The Petty Girl(1950,Henry Levin)

This one was kinda interesting. It's fluff. Total fluff. OK for maybe 10 minutes but it gets very tiring after that. But then comes the grand finale: they appear to be trying to glorify studidity so that the viewer who is enjoying the movie will feel good about themselves for liking this garbage. I'm afraid I can't agree: there's nothing wrong with being stupid but it's nothing to be proud of either.

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