Friday, November 27, 2009

Day #21,527

Walk km 3339-3342: going out to eat & run errands
Walk km 3342-3353: Science World to english Bay (and return) with meetup group

Vancouver's very own BOOK*OFF store
(for picture of Tokyo BOOK*OFF see day #21,319)
aprox km 3341 Hornby Street

Diet: -4 (46 to go)

Movie #1144: Psychomania(1973, Don Sharp)

An English take on the biker flick. They add a bunch of hocus pocus including witchcraft, spells, fog machines, graveyards etc that undermine any attempt by this movie to be shocking like its American cousins. However, there is a bit of humour here as the living dead bikers kill people and mess with thir shopping.

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