Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day #21,505

clothing shop window display
Burrard Street

Movie #1121: Stars In My Crown (1950, Jacques Tourneur)

Now, I ain't too partial to religious movies but I kinda like this 'un.
The setting is a town that kind of reminds me of one of those that they used to have in the "twilight zone". Everything looks kinda normal but there's something strange goin' on underneath. You see, everybody in this town is real stupid & happy. I ain't never seen no place like that before (except maybe on a Hallmark greeting card). Of course there are two exceptions: one fellow is unhappy because he's too heavily into capitalism, the other because he's too much into book learnin'. The book learnin' guy soon learns that the path to happiness and the road to stupidity are one and the same. However, the conversion of the capitalist is a whole sight more clever.
This capitalist guy is about to kill off a coloured fellow so that they can steal his land (which has minerals on it). So, they pretend to be the KKK and string him up. The local parson comes up with a clever plan to thwart them without resorting to violence like he's been told he must do to stop the lynching. There is one problem with the solution (not revealed here in case you want to see this movie yourselves): it might work on the KKK but these guys are just pretending to be KKK. But still, it's a right clever plan.
So, in the end, everyone is happy and the town becomes even more "twilight zone" like.

Movie #1122: Penny Princess (1952, Val Guest)

One of the benefits of staying up all night has been watching movies on TCM. Movies that I normally wouldn't have watched. It's like staying up for the late late show in days gone by.
No way in the world would I normally have watched this thing. An English comedy? Made by Val "Confessions Of A Window Cleaner" Guest? Hardly! But I did watch it and it wasn't too bad at all..... a little long though. A little Yolande Donlan goes a long way.

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