Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day #21,525

Walk km 3321-3327: Robson/(skytrain)/49th/Manitoba/37th/Mackie/39th/Columbia/46th/Fraser/49th
Walk km 3327-3329: out to eat

at Tim Horton's
aprox km 3328 Alberni Street

Diet: -3 (47 to go) huh?

Movie #1143: Middle Of The Night(Delbert Mann, 1959)

I used to like movies that "moved", not the ones where people just sat around blabbering about god knows what. Now, that's all changed. Give me a nice ensemble cast chewin' the fat any day. That's what we've got here. The entire cast seems to have severe emotional problems and they spend the whole time just spilling their guts out to one another. Neat. Especially liked Fredric March whom I never did like in his 1930s movies but add a bunch of wrinkles and remove some of his hair and he can really chew up the scenery.

Today's Music: the new soul/funk, better than the old soul/funk?

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