Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day #21,519

Walk 3272-3277: Burrard/Georgia/(skytrain)/Cambie/24th/Sophia/King Edward/St George/23rd/Sophia/Kingsway/(bus+skytrain)/Burrard

Seicho-No-Ie sign
aprox km 3274 16th & Sophia

Diet: -2 (48 pounds to go) OK, that's better

Movie #1136: Sing Cowboy Sing (1937, Robert N Bradbury)

I used to watch these old westerns when I was a kid. I don't remember the plots being this stupid. Looks like they didn't even try to make sense of this one. You would think they could with all the practice they had. If I remember correctly, every plot concerns our hero riding into town just as a black hatted no-good varmit (who always hangs out at the saloon) trys to steal the property of some damsel in distress. Our hero thwarts his plans and wins the admiration of the no-longer distressed damsel as our hero's sidekick performs some sort of comedy routine. Then they ride off into the sunset (the hero and the sidekick that is, the hero has no time for courtin' women).
Tex is in fine form here vocally but the quality of the songs is lacking the pizazz that was to come later (in the 40s) when Tex signed up with Capitol Records.

Movie #1137: Quicksand(1950, Irving Pichel)

Fine noir that has just one problem: Mickey Rooney. It's just hard to picture Mickey as a thief, murderer and ladies man.

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