Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day #21,517

Walk km 3253-3258: Burrard/Georgia/(skytrain)/King Edward/Columbia/21st/(bus)/Main/Cordova/Gore/Powell/Carrall
Walk km 3258-3261: to Denny's via Jervis and return

Buick Century
aprox km 3257 21st Avenue

Diet: -2 (48 pounds to go) Taking a walk before "weigh in" gives the false impression of weight loss.

Movie #1133: Murder With Music(1941, George P Quigly)

This is #3 of the Millcreek musicals. This is more like it: amateur hour again. I imagine that this is what you would get if you let a bunch of high school kids loose with a movie camera and told them to make a movie. The screenplay and acting is right down there at the "Plan 9" level. Lots of fun.
But there is one part of this movie that does display talent: the music. A huge step up from last night's "Minstrel Man". I looked over the music credits but no names ring a bell. Skippy Williams? Nellie Hill?

Movie #1134: Too Bad She's Bad (1954, Alessandro Blasetti)

Pleasant affair as frustrated taxi cab driver Marcello Mastroianni has to put up with charming Sophia Loren who just happens to be a thief. And a liar. In fact, her whole family is made up of nothing but thieves and liars. But quite charming thieves and liars.
Only one thing wrong with the plot: these thieves are supposed to be inconspicuous and blend into the background so nobody will notice them as they go about their business of lifting other people's property. Do you know what Sophia Loren looked like in 1954? I can assure you that every pair of eyes would be on her wherever she went. Half due to lust, half due to envy.

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