Friday, November 13, 2009

Day #21,513

Walk km 3230-3233: running errands
Walk km 3233-3235: Smithe/Seymour/Cordova/Hornby/Robson

Book #262: The Return (1995,Hakan Nesser)

Yet another Swede writing crime fiction. A nice array of quirky characters but too much emphasis on the whodunit aspect. Whodunit went out with Agatha Christie.

Movie #1126: Back From Eternity (1956, John Farrow)

I liked this one. Of course I also liked it in 1939 when it was called "Five Came Back". I guess doing remakes made sense in 1956: they hadn't invented TCM or DVDs yet so it's safe to assume that everyone who went to see this movie whould never have seen (and would never get the chance to see) "Five Came Back". Forcing a group of strangers to interact with one another is one of my favourite plot devices. Kept my interest throughout even though I knew what was going to happen.

Movie #1127: Experiment Perilous(1944, Jacques Tourneur)

Suspense drama set amongst the upper crust of New York society. Ho hum. It does have a beautiful look to it but I was unable to care about any of the characters.

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