Monday, March 1, 2010

Day #21,621

Walk km 4010-4020: walkway along the Truckee from Grand Sierra to the far side of Idlewild Park/Latimore/Idlewild/Riverside/Keystone/2nd/Washington/3rd

aprox km 4017 under Keystone near Riverside

Movie #1213 (#39 this year): Hannah And Her Sisters(1986, Woody Allen)

Here's one I've been meaning to watch. Amazingly, I guess I've been meaning to watch this one for 24 years! I was wondering why everyone looked so young.
I can't relate to this because I don't know people like this. But in another way that also makes it more interesting because we know that what we're seeing is real because Mia and Woody's real life problems do resemble a Woody Allen script.
Maybe next time I'll watch that other one I missed the first time around - "Annie Hall".

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