Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day #21,638

Walk km 4120-4126: Haro/Bute/seawalk/Stanley Park/Alberni/Jervis/Robson

a tree
aprox km 4123 Lost Lagoon

Movie #1235 (#53 this year): Warhead (1977, John O'Connor)

The worst movie ever made? Hard to tell but this has to be a contender. Israeli propaganda movie. If you didn't like the PLO in real life, check out these Hollywood PLO guys. Nasty (they start the movie off by blowing up a schoolbus full of kids). Stupid (really really stupid - just check out how they keep banging that neuclear bomb against their truck when they try to load it!). And off course, over-sexed (you don't want to know what happens to the female Israeli soldier that they capture). And all this using a script that must have been written by a six year-old. Mind numbingly awful.

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