Monday, March 29, 2010

Day #21,649

Walk km 4194-4196: to the library
Walk km 4196-4201: Thurlow/Cordova/Water/Alexander/Portside Park/Waterfront/seawalk/Thurlow

aprox km 4199 Alexander @ Main

Book #289 (#13 this year):
Ride The Nightmare(1959, Richard Matheson)

Another of the Matheson crime novels. It shows an improvement over "Someone Is Bleeding" but confined to the straightjacket of the crime novel, Matheson is unable to show off his best asset: imagination.

Movie #1247 (#65 this year): La Balance(1982, Bob Swaim)

Police procedural with the cops as the bad guys. And the bad guys as the bad guys. So what's the point? Dunno.

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