Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day #21,626

Walk km 4052-4058: Center/6th/Sutro/4th/Galletti/Glendale

welcoming sign for the Tahoe Motel
aprox km 4056 4th Street

Movie #1217 (#41 this year): Juno(2007, Jason Reitman)

A likable little film with lots of little touches that make a story believable. Since it was financed by NewsCorp I thought that part of the reason for making it might be as anti-abortion propaganda but it seems that abortion is not one of Rupert Murdoch's major concerns. The reasons for rejecting abortion as an alternative are kind of glossed over though (it has to do with fingernails). And then again, you could just as easily call this a pro-premarital sex movie because everything works out fine in the end.

Movie #1218 (#42 this year): Rock Rock Eock(1956, Will Price)

The plot on some of these musicals can be petty bad but this one takes the cake. Tuesday Weld needs a new dress for the prom. Written by someone who must have thought that the target audience for this movie was three year olds.
A great number of acts lip sync their way through their latest records many of which have nothing to do with "rock". Lip sync hi-lites are Johnny Burnette with "Lonesome Train" and Frankie Lyman with "I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent"

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