Monday, March 22, 2010

Day #21,642

Walk km 4157-4167: Robson/Georgia/Prior/(bus)/Knight/34th/Culloden/35th/Sherbrooke/47th/Inverness/Waverley/Ross/48th/Inverness/59th/Yukon

buildings and skytrains
aprox km 4159 Quebec Street

Movie #1239 (#57 this year): La Bete Humaine(1938, Jean Renoir)

I don't think you're supposed to dis Jean Renoir but this wasn't so hot. His actors appear to be acting. They do a lot of posing.
Beautiful looking film though.

Movie #1240 (#58 this year): Caged(1950, John Cromwell)

Pretty good women's prison flick. There isn't really a plot - it's more of an expose on life in prison where women come in as wayward but go out as hardened criminals. Kudos to Cromwell and his producer for not including a scene where a do-gooder gets to make a speech about this all being society's fault. Cromwell lets the action make his point.
Eleanor Parker is the lead actress and does quite well but Hope Emerson steals the show as she gets the better role as the nasty matron. The best scene is where Hope gets all dolled up to go out on a date and stops by to tell the inmates what he and her man are going to be doing up in his room!

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