Friday, March 19, 2010

Day #21,639

Walk km 4126-4137: Main Street Station to English Bay then back to Edgewater Casino then to Vancouver Library (with Julie) then home

dancers on the side of a building (expand picture - you might be able to see them)
aprox km 4135 Vancouver Library

Movie #1236 (#54 this year): Masterson Of Kansas(1954, William Castle)

A nice Friday afternoon movie. Castle is more famous for directing gimmicky horror movies so I thought I'd check out what he could do with a western. Nothing special but a few nice visual touches all wrapped up in vivid technicolor makes for a pleasant 73 minutes.

Movie #1237 (#55 this year): Kitten With A Whip(1964, Douglas Heyes)

Turns out that today was a Douglas Heyes double feature. He wrote the script for Masterson Of Kansas and gets to write and direct this one. And what he was going for with this one can be summarized in one word: lurid. Not a bad attempt either. Ann-Margaret is a 17 year old escapee who breaks out of juvenile hall and ropes in senator-to-be John Forsythe. And then her friends arrive. And then they take a little trip to Tijuana. All good fun.

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