Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day #21,627-9

Walk km 4058-4079: Las Vegas

the Venetian
aprox km 4069 Las Vegas Boulevard

Three days without internet.

Book #286 (#10 this year): Sun Storm (2003, Asa Larsson)

I guess there was something missing from this frenzy of Swedish crime novels: where were the women? This whole thing started with the husband and wife team of Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo (in my mind anyway - there probably was a Swedish crime novel industry before them but I wasn't aware of it). But since then, I've only read novels by male Swedish crime writers. Until now.
I was a little alarmed by the beginning of this novel. All the bad guys were men and the good guys were all women. However, by the end, multiple positive male characters were added.
But the bottom line: how was it? Excellent! Especially considering that this is a first novel. I'll be looking out for any subsequent books.

Movie #1219 (#43 this year): Bobby(2006, Emilio Estevez)
Movie #1220 (#44 this year): King Kelly Of The U.S.A. (1934, Leonard Fields)
Movie #1221 (#45 this year): Capote (2005, Bennett Miller )
Movie #1222 (#46 this year): Rhythm In The Clouds (1937, John H Auer)
Movie #1223 (#47 this year): Check And Double Check (1930, Melville W Brown)
Capote is the best of this lot. Not a biopic but the story of him writing "In Cold Blood". Kept my interest throughout.
Bobby is Bobby Kennedy but the movie isn't really about him. It's sort of a remake of Grand Hotel with short stories about the numerous people staying or working at the hotel where Bobby Kennedy was killed. Not bad.
The three 1930s musicals were pretty much useless. The best was Rhythm In The Clouds with a writing credit for Nathaniel "Miss Lonelyhearts" West. Music was pretty bad except for a few OK instros. King Kelly Of The USA was without any merit - the music was really bad. "Check And Double Check" had music by Duke Ellington but there wasn't much of it. The comedy routines of radio stars Amos & Andy got very old very fast.

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