Friday, March 26, 2010

Day #21,646

Movie #1242 (#60 this year): Side Street(1950, Anthony Mann)

The year is 1950 and the director is Anthony Mann. Any chance that this will be a stinker? None!
The usual noir from Mr Mann. Lotsa neighbourhood bars, torch singers, milkmen, seedy tenements, postmen, gangster's molls, latest model cars, plodding police work, gats and a car chase through the concrete jungle. The works.

Movie #1243 (#61 this year): No Questions Asked(1951, Harold Kress)

"Film Noir" double feature today. These two could have been on a double bill back 60 years ago. Both were MGM productions and Jean Hagen (the torch singer in "Side Street") makes a return engagement here. Unlike "Side Street" which was directed by the great Anthony Mann, this one is directed by Harold Kress. That's right: Harold Who? So, instead of watching intently at a master at work, with this one I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. Well, its no "Side Street" but it ain't half bad either. Sure, there are gaping holes in the plot (why did Barry Sullivan run from the murder scene?) but it doesn't really matter: just give me those city night scenes with men in fedoras and women in coctail dresses and I'm happy.

Movie #1244 (#62 this year): C'Est Beau Une Ville La Nuit(2006, Richard Bohringer)

This is not the worst movie ever made. But it sure tries. This is a movie that just rambles...............and rambles...............and rambles...........and goes absolutely nowhere. A total waste of time.
And to add even more tedium.... the plot is about a musical group on tour and the music is just as bad as the movie! Its this jam crap with nonsense lyrics that are meant to be profound. Horrible! Awful! But worst of all, boring.

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