Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day #21,650

Walk km 4201-4212: Science World to English Bay and return with Glenn & Elly (Meetup group)

Glenn & Elly
aprox km 4206 English Bay

Movie #1248 (#66 this year): Swing Hostess(1944, Sam Newfield)

Back in the day, PRC was just a legend. There were many low-budget Hollywood studios (like Republic or Monogram) but PRC (Producer's Releasing Corporation) was the lowest of the low. Back then, I didn't actually think I would ever get to see a PRC production. Fast forward past the time of the TV late show through VHS & Beta to DVD. And PRC is here. Movies that were only legends like "Swing Hostess" can now be purchased in almost any DVD shop.
And the magic is over. I've seen a number of PRCs and they're nothing special. They aren't nearly as bad as one would have expected. They're just dull and tedious. Take Swing Hostess - the hostess with the mostest here is Martha Tilton, a cookie-cutter crooner whose music is as dull as dishwater. And so are the comedy routines and the mistaken identity plot that goes with it. Tedious. It was much better when we could only dream of seeing those ultra rare PRCs.

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