Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day #21,643

Walk km 4167-4170: shopping
Walk km 4170-4174: Haro/Thurlow/Burnaby/Burrard/Drake/Pacific/Mainland/Homer/Robson/Seymour/Smithe

at Tim Horton's
aprox km 4174 Hornby Street

Movie #1241 (#59 this year): Comment Ma Mere Accpucha de Moi Durant Sa Menopause(2003, Sebastien Rose)

Micheline Lanctot

The inspiration here appears to be Woody Allen. A cast full of screwed-up people talk drivel. However, unlike Woody Allen, this ain't funny.
BTW: 30+ years after The True Nature Of Bernadette, Micheline Lanctot still looks great!

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