Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day #21,636

Walk km 4103-4107: to library and Army & Navy

apple blossoms
aprox km 4106 near Hornby & Hastings

Movie #1227 (#51 this year): The Fat Spy (1966, Joseph Cates)

A musical comedy about a group of teens digging for buried treasure. And I suppose that's what I'm doing. I spotted this DVD in the Army & Navy today with 6 movies for $5. All six titles were unknown to me. But what if there is a treasure buried in there - some long forgotten movie ready to be rediscovered? I had stopped at the library and rented a Renior and a Godard: two certified treasures. So, why did I watch Joseph Cates' "The Fat Spy" first? The lure of discovering buried treasure? I have terrible taste in movies?
Mr Cates gives it a good try here. Unfortunately, nobody here has any talent. So at first it was fun to watch (like watching a train wreck) but eventually the stupidity of the whole thing wore me down and I was happy to see it end.

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