Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day #22,035

Walk km 10,439 - 10,441: running errands
Walk km 10,441 - 10,452: Meetup walk in Pacific Spirit Park and Southlands

picture of Vivian taken by Ellen
approx km 10,448 55th Ave

Book #416: Blood On The Tracks (2011, S Brian Willson)

Brian after being run over by a train loaded with arms on their way to Central America

Autobiography of guy who grew up right wing/conservative and was able to swing around so far that he is now anti-civilization! It's the first part that is the most interesting because of how difficult it is for anyone to reject their childhood view of the world. Brian had to go to Viet Nam to get the process started.
The second part of the book is not as interesting but more important. This part details all the causes that Brian has participated in including his reasons behind each decision.

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