Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day #22,037

Walk km 10,455 - 10,461 (11,576 to go): around Lost Lagoon

Movie #2025: Moonlighting Wives (1966, Joe Sarno)

This is the 3rd Joe Sarno I've seen and the lustre seems to be wearing off. I gave "Sin In The Suburbs" a 75 rating but these last two have been pretty pedestrian.
In this one a cash strapped housewife sets up a steno/callgirl operation in order to earn a little extra money. It's such a success that the cops put a stop to it. One of the cops is Joe "Rockford Files" Santos (I guess you can get typecast even in exploitation films).

Movie #2026: Moontide (1942, Archie Mayo)

Much less than the sum of its parts. We have here Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino, Claude Rains and Thomas Mitchell in the major roles. We have Archie Mayo directing a movie started by Fritz Lang. And then they got John O'Hara to write the script. So, you tend to admire the movie more than actually enjoy it.

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