Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day #22,029

Walk km 10,381 - 10,383: running errands
Walk km 10,383 - 10,385: to Safeway

Movie #2018: Carson City (1952, Andre De Toth)

This ain't exactly "Crime Wave" but Andre shows considerable skill as a director of westerns as well. Doesn't do any harm to have a cast that includes Randolph Scott (good guy) and Raymond Massey (bad guy).

Movie #2019: Heat (1972, Paul Morrissey)

Andrea Feldman

Can't help comparing this to John Waters. This is superior because, despite the grossness, it actually seems real. As you watch, you actually start believing these people really are that screwed up. Then after, you can go to IMDB to find that right after this movie was made, one lead actress (Andrea Feldman) commited suicide by jumping out of a 14th story window holding a rosary and a can of coke. This is a world that you really wouldn't want to visit.

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