Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day #22,031

Walk km 10,399 - 10,402: to Denman and Davie
Walk km 10,402 - 10,404: to Safeway

Movie #2020: Tunnel Of Love (1958, Gene Kelly)

This one seems to be a bit too "adult" for the likes of Doris Day. This also seems to be a bit too "adult" for 1958!
Doris and Richard Widmark want to adopt a baby but Widmark screws up by getting the inspector from the adoption agency pregnant! Then he learns the baby they agency is going to give them is his! Then Doris notices the resemblance! Seems a bit too risque for a Doris movie but this was made in 1958 (before she made a career out of being a virgin).
Another puzzler is the ending. Doris is gonna leave Richard because he got the adoption agency woman pregnant. That sounds about right. But, at the end, she finds out that her husband did sleep with her but didn't get her pregnant. All is forgiven! What kind of weird logic is that? Morality based on sperm performance?

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