Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day #22,039

Walk km 10,470 - 10,481 (11,558 to go): Meetup walk around Stanley Park

laughing men approx km 10,481 by First Beach (English Bay)

TV Episode #17: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Revenge (1955, Alfred Hitchcock)
This is episode #1 of season #1 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Ralph Meeker (last seen giving Barbara Stanwyck a hard time in "Jeopardy") is out for revenge when a travelling salesman attacks his wife. Alfred directs this one himself.

TV Episode #18: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Cheney Vase (1955, Robert Stevens)

It's the age-old plot gimmick of having a poor helpless invalid being preyed upon by a ruthless scoundral. Darren McGavin is the scoundral. Directing is Robert Stevens who directed the wonderful "The Big Caper". It appears that Robert Stevens was an Alfred Hitchcock favourite: he directed 44 episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

TV Episode #19: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Our Cook's A Treasure (1955, Robert Stevens)
Suffers from the idiot plot (characters must act like idiots in order to move the plot along): man finds that his cook is a serial killer and she's putting arsenic in his food. Does he inform the police? Of course not!

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