Friday, April 20, 2012

Day #22,038

Walk km 10,461 - 10,464: running errands
Walk km 10,464 - 10,470 (11,568 to go): to 25th and Cambie

Movie #2027: Night Key (1937, Lloyd Corrigan)

Cheapie of inventor Boris Karloff coming up with a new alarm system. Both big business and organized crime (is there really any difference?) are out to steal it.

Movie #2028: True Grit (2010, Coen brothers)

Well, that's a different idea: instead of doing a remake of a good movie, remake a crappy one! There doesn't seem to be much sense in remaking a good one because you can always just watch the original. For bad movies, there's plenty of upside potential.
This is certainly better than the original but not one of the Coen's best. With that facial hair and eyepatch, Jeff Bridges has to do most of his acting with his body.

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