Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day #22,021

Walk km 10,286 - 10,296 (11,725 to go): every block: 56th, 58th, St George

Movie #2014: Move Over Darling (1963, Michael Gordon)

Finally, I get to see the movie with the catchiest theme song ever! "Move Over Darling" was Doris Day's greatest recording. The movie? Well, it's one of those movies where they set up a silly situation and then try to make it funny by nobody doing what any reasonable person would do. They do this because they simply can't figure out how to make the reasonable story funny. Luckily, in this movie they go so far beyond reasonable that it does actually begin to be funny. The best scene: Edgar Buchanan's second scene as the judge with the whole cast joining in.

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