Friday, April 6, 2012

Day #22,024

Walk km 10,329 - 10,339 (11,690 to go): test walk in Lynn Canyon Park

pool in Lynn Creek
approx km 10,333 Lynn Canyon Park

Movie #2016: Do Not Disturb (1965, Ralph Levy)

Absolutely horrible! There isn't much worse than having to sit through a "comedy" that isn't the least bit funny. Director Levy was never allowed to direct another movie. Thank goodness for that but the screenwriters ought to have been executed by firing squad.

TV episode #16: Play For Today: Kiss Of Death (1977, Mike Leigh)
This is the 2nd of these Mike Leigh "Play For Today" episodes I've seen and they're both excellent. This one concerns 4 young folks and their attempts at romance despite all having bottom-of-the-barrel personalities.
One drawback is those silly British accents - tough to make out what they're saying.

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