Monday, April 2, 2012

Day #22,020

Walk km 10,273 - 10,286: test walk along Bath Slough Trail

blue monkey on drums
approx km 10,280 Bargan Street (Richmond)

Television episode #14: Masterpiece Mystery: Wallander: Firewall (2008, Niall MacCormick)
Hadn't read the book but the plot did evolve smoothly. However, the hi-tech stuff seemed kinda silly (having 3 monitors instead of one, having to have a "trigger" when it was all set to go at midnight). And then Wallander sitting in his car waiting for someone to show up at the cash machine instead of calling ahead to have it guarded. Doesn't sound reasonable.
Still, it was exciting.

Television episode #15: Masterpiece Mystery: Wallander: One Step Behind (2008, Philip Martin)
More of the same. I thought Branagh had that 4 day growth to show how grueling the job was but I guess it's a fashion statement. The actress who played Lisa? Can she act at all? She looked like someone who's acting.

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