Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day #22,019

Walk km 10,267-10,269: to Safeway
Walk km 10,269-10,273: to T&T

there's a vacancy at the Avalon
approx km 10,271 Pender Street

Television episode #13: Masterpiece Mystery: Wallander: Sidetracked (2008, Philip Martin)

The story does feel a little rushed but they do take time to add lots of human touches so that we can identify with the characters as actual people. Thus: we care about what happens to them. A success.


  1. Did you actually watch Wallander: Sidetracked on TV? Or did you find it online somewhere?

  2. Never mind... I see it's on NetFlix. I saw some of these when they first aired but I'm not sure I saw all of them so I'll have to check it out.