Friday, January 1, 2010

Day #21,562

Walk km 3523-3530: Thurlow/Georgia/(skytrain)/King Edward/Yukon/26th/Peveril/27th/Quebec/King Edward/Main/26th/Ontario/2nd/Quebec/(skytrain)/Burrard/Alberni/Bute/Robson/Haro
Walk km 3530-3533: Robson/Denman/(bus)/Robson

an intersection
aprox km 3532 Denman @ Robson

Diet: 0 (50 to go) and I thought I would lose weight over Christmas! What was I thinking?

Movie #1173 (#1 this year): La Belva Con Mitra(1977, Sergio Grieco)
Another of the MillCreek reissues and another one that has had both sides of the film sliced off to create the dreaded "fullscreen". Quentin Tarantino gave this one the thumbs up by showing it playing on TV in his "Jackie Brown". It is very effective but I wonder how it would have looked if I had been able to see the entire film. Here's a sample from YouTube: the opening titles in widescreen:

Movie #1174 (#2 this year): Boss Of Big Town(1942, Arthur Dreifuss)

Jean Broooks

Another skid row cheapie from PRC. This one is in rough shape: the picture is washed out and I couldn't make out a lot of dialogue. I decided to stick it out because the story was by Edward "Shack Out On 101" Dein. However, there's not much of interest here except for a fine performance by the actress who plays the ingenue: Jean Brooks. Jean was married to Richard "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" Brooks at the time but they were divorced a few years later and Jean died of malnutrition caused by alcoholism in 1963.

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