Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day #21,577

Walk km 3655-3665: with walking Meetup group from 29th Ave station to Kerr, around Fraserview Golf Course and then to Victoria @ Waverley
Walk 3665-3668: running errands

a cluttered lawn
aprox km 3668 44th near Kerr

Movie #1187 (#15 this year): Scene Of The Crime (1949, Roy Rowland)

I usually record these movies from TCM and then watch them later. I watched this one "live" because I just felt like watching a movie at this particular time and it was a 1949 crime drama. However, the director was Roy Rowland so I wasn't expecting too much. And that's what I got. All the elements were there but the atmosphere was too light and breezy to make this a real "film noir". Another point deducted for the tacked on happy ending.

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