Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day #21,588

Walk km 3764-3767: shopping at the Army&Navy
Walk km 3767-3770: shopping at Safeway

war memorial
aprox km 3766 Hastings Street

Movie #1196 (#20 this year): Rain(1932,Lewis Milestone)

I found one really big problem with this movie: when Sadie Thompson comes out of her room in the morning of "the night before", I could not hear what she was saying because of that darn music. This leaves a big hole in the plot. Did Sadie Thompson set out to bring down Mr Davidson or did she just find out that he was human after all?
Anyway, I think it's safe to say that this movie could not be made today. At least not by anybody who wanted to preserve their career in Hollywood. 1932: those were enlightened times!
Note: Once again it's IMDB to the rescue. It seems that even people who could hear the dialogue at the end couldn't figure out what Sadie had been up to! The consensus however was that in the Maugham story, Sadie really does convert and then returns to character when Davidson proves himself to be merely mortal afterall.

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