Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day #21,574

Walk km 3632-3644: Science World to English Bay and return with the Meetup Walking group
Today's Tune: J'attendrai

Those of you too young to remember this when it was a hit in 1938 may remember it as the song at the end of Francois Truffaut's "Une Belle Fille Comme Moi" (1972).

Movie #1185 (#13 this year): Baby Face Morgan (1942,Arthur Dreifuss)

Back on New Year's Day I watched a stinker called "BOSS OF BIG TOWN":
released by: PRC
written by: Ed Dein
Directed by: Arthur Dreifuss
released by: PRC
written by: Ed Dein
directed by: Arthur Dreifuss
Will I never learn?

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