Monday, January 11, 2010

Day #21,572

Walk km 3621-3628: Burrard/(skytrain)/Slocan park/Duchess/Euclid/Slocan/Norquay/Clarendon/Kingsway/Boundary/45th/Doman/49th/(bus)/Georgia/Burrard/Alberni/Thurlow

a polar bear shilling for Klondike ice cream bars
aprox km 3623 Kingsway

Movie #1184 (#12 this year): Zachariah (1971,George Englund)

What happened? It's the first psychedelic western! They hired the Firesign Theatre to write the script. Why so dull?
I looked over at IMDB and it appears that the Firesign Theatre script was never used. The MGM brass passed it on to a hack to do a re-write. OK, makes sense now.

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