Monday, January 4, 2010

Day #21,565

Walk km 3551-3558: Smithe/Granville/Nelson/Seymour/Davie/(skytrain)/Oakridge Mall/Tisdall/49th/Laurel/54th/Oak/57th/Laurel/59th/Heather/61st/Cambie/(skytrain)/Robson/Burrard
Walk km 3558-3561: Robson/Georgia/Denman

rain on a Corvette Stingray
aprox km 3555 Laurel Street

Book #265 (#1 this year): Kill The Buddha(2004, various)

A mishmash. Half the book is taken up with different people's take on a particular part the The Bible (pretty much ho-hum). The other half is two guys roaming around the U S of A talking to religious folks (a little better but still no great shakes).

Today's Tune: Orange Colored Sky

Movie #1176 (#4 this year): Man With The Screaming Brain(2005, Bruce Campbell)

This was made 24 years after Evil Dead but Bruce Campbell is still at it. Sam Raimi is long gone so Bruce is directing himself and doing a very good job of it. Good acting as well from all concerned (including Sam Raimi's brother Ted Raimi). Enjoyable mindless entertainment.

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