Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day #21,568

Walk km 3579-3581: Haro/Bidwell/Robson
Walk km 3581-3588: Burrard/(skytrain)/Nanaimo/23rd/Renfrew/21st/Slocan/McGill/(bus)/Howe/Smithe

Our Lady Of Sorrows School (kids must have fun here!)
aprox km 3586 Slocan Street

Movie #1180 (#8 this year): Mr Soft Touch(1949, Gordon Douglas & Henry Levin)

Very entertaining film with Glenn Ford as a WWII vet who comes back to the States to find that the mob has taken over his business. In the final scenes he robs the mob and gives the money to a charity to re-build their "settlement house" that had been burnt down by the mob. However, since he committed robbery, the Hays Code says he must be punished and so he gets gunned down by the mob in the last scene. That'll teach people a valuable lesson!

Book #266 (#2 this year): Carte Blanche(1990,Carlo Lucarelli)

A lot of praise for this one on the back jacket but the worth of this book eludes me. Set during 1945 in Italy so that the police have more important things to worry about than solving a murder. So, a unique setting but nothing more.

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